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At Montessori of Woodland Hills, our goal is not just to churn out erudite scholars who may happen to excel academically, but are otherwise inefficacious and unhappy. Our goal is to enable our students to develop themselves into high-minded individuals, individuals armed with the abstract knowledge, thinking skills, character traits and practical life skills that they need to become mature, capable and happy adults

When faced with the question, “What should we teach?”, we realized that if our goal is to help our students become successful adults, and not merely academicians, some knowledge and skills are more fundamental to this goal than others. The tree of knowledge has a trunk, and it has many branches, leaves, and flowers. When deciding what to include in our curriculum, we hold that it’s the trunk that is the key—because it is what makes the rest possible. If a student has the trunk, a strong foundation in core academic content and core thinking skills, then the branches, leaves, and flowers—the child’s interests, hobbies, activities, forays into specialized knowledge and specialized skills—will naturally grow and extend upwards.

Our core curriculum focuses on language arts, and on essential subject areas: reading, geography, mathematics and science.


What are the Programs

Our core curriculum focuses on language arts

and on five essential subject areas :


Literature, in its broadest sense, is any single body of written works. More restrictively, it is writing considered as an art form

Practical Life

Independence is an obvious benefit of learning to dress yourself by buttoning, zipping, snapping or tying.


Each material isolates one quality, whether it be color, shape, texture, sound, size, taste, weight, or smell.


Mathematics is the study of topics such as quantity (numbers), structure, space, and change.


Language is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the br form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.

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Why MWH?

Our Mission

Our Goal: A Student who Flourishes as a Joyous Child Today, and as a Successful Adult Tomorrow

At Montessori of Woodland Hills, we help our students acquire the essential knowledge, thinking skills, and strength of character required to flourish as joyous children today, and as successful adults tomorrow. Our unique program emphasizes the relationship between the academically challenging material presented in the classroom, and the breadth of experiences children have in their lives outside of the classroom.

With the wealth of knowledge they gain at M of WH, students are able to understand and delight in both the wondrous world around them and their burgeoning personal identity within.

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